Master's Program Nutrition and Biomedicine

Dear Applicant,

in accordance with the Examination and Study Regulations for the Master’s Program Nutrition and Biomedicine the admission committee uses a curricular analysis to assess your aptitude and the eligibility of your submitted qualifications.This is based on the basic core subject groups of the Bachelor Program Nutritional Science at Technische Universität München.

Please fill in the online-documenttable below, which requires information about your previous academic performance in your undergraduate studies (Bachelor Degree Program) according to your Transcript of Records. Enter modules/courses/subjects worth at least 120 credits and list these according to the subject groups

Skill Category Credits Required
Basics in Natural Sciences 53
Basics in Physiology and Lab Course 10 ~ 19

Foreign applicants please use the following formula to convert your qualification/grades:

N max
N min
N d
= converted grade
= best achievable grade in foreign grade system
= lowest grade (to pass a test) in foreign grade system
= grade achieved in foreign grade system

Please remember to SAVE your input data for every skill category.

When you have finished, please check to see that all your entries are correct and complete; then send the form ONLINE.

Please note:

Students must submit all of the aforementioned documents in order for their application to be considered complete. Incomplete applications will not be considered, and therefore will be excluded from the aptitude assessment.